Curaçao's Beaches

The Curaçao coastline boasts a variety of beautiful beaches. A mix of natural and manmade beaches, all with their pro and cons, there is something for everyone.

If rugged, more natural beaches, where the aquatic life is thriving is your preference, you can try Grote Knip or Kleine Knip. With their white sandy shoreline, nestled cozily between cliffs, they are perfect for snorkeling along the cliffs. For the daredevils among you, there is Playa Forti, famous for the tall cliff locals and tourist dive off.

The area of Banda Abou has the majority of natural beaches of the island, like Playa Santa Cruz, where you can rent a water taxi to the famous “Blue Room”, an underwater cave, where if the sun hits just right, everything lights up in the most beautiful shade of blue. Playa Lagun is a small cove with excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities as well.

Closer to the city, there’s Mambo Beach, with a variety of restaurants and entertainment possibilities. Janthiel Beach offers a range of different cuisine, and other watersports.

The north coast of the island is one long stretch of cliffs and rough seas where no swimming is possible, but makes for beautiful pictures when the waves hit the cliffs just right.
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