The climate in Curaçao

The island is situated in the Southern Caribbean Sea, about 70 km (44 miles) off the coast of Venezuela, with neighboring islands Aruba and Bonaire. The island’s total area is 444 square km (171 square miles). It is generally flat with a small hilly area in the western part.

Curaçao is characterized by warm tropical temperatures with the highest temperatures occurring in September. The skies are mostly clear to partly clouded and little rainfall makes for a relatively dry climate. While September through November are known for their increased rainfall, the island falls just outside of the hurricane belt and thereby avoids the regions heavier storms.

The average temperature in Curaçao is 28 degrees C (76F) and fluctuations during winter and summer rarely deviate more than a few degrees from the mean. Moreover, the island benefits from the Trade Winds which bring cooling during the day and warming during the night which allow for a pleasant constant climate throughout the day.

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